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East St. Paul Cosmetic Dentist offers Tooth Whitening

Our East St. Paul dentists offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services that are sought out by the public. No matter the procedure you need, Dr. Meredith Penner and Dr. Nita Mazurat at All Smiles Dental center (Winnipeg dentists) are up for the job. Tooth whitening is an increasingly popular procedure many people opt for that provides a brighter appearance to their smiles. Having your teeth whitened by professionally licensed and trained cosmetic dentists is a choice that is more dependable and efficient than an in-home tooth whitening process. Cosmetic dentists conduct tooth whitening by laser or light enhanced whitening procedures, non-light procedures or tray systems.

When administering these treatments, dentists apply whitening gels to a patient’s teeth and may use a light or a laser to add the firepower to the gel. The whitening gel is typically peroxide based, and the light or laser enhances the work conducted by the gel. At times, a dentist might provide a patient with a whitening tray, mouthpiece or other system to take home and use on their own accord. East St. Paul dentists will give strict instructions on how to use these take home systems, and recommend patients to schedule a follow-up appointment to track the progress.

Patients choose different options based on the circumstances that make the most sense for them. For instance, in-office whitening treatments with an East St. Paul dentist are often one and done procedures, allowing patients to have the desired color they want after the first appointment. Other procedures are often cheaper, but need follow-up appointments. Patients who don’t need instant results might opt for In-house procedures which do range anywhere from $300 to over $800. Different cosmetic dentists might offer added services with their whitening, hence the range of prices. A quality dentist will do a consultation with you so that you know what you’re getting with your whitening and at what price.

People have different reasons for getting their teeth whitened. This might work in appearance-focused industries such as the modeling or film industries, so tooth whitening is an ideal solution. Other people might just want to get their teeth whitened for their own preference. Tooth whitening is a procedure that can be conducted by an East St. Paul dentist at affordable prices. As always, a patient should do their research before getting any procedure done.

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Avoiding and eliminating the buildup of plaque

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing your teeth is good but some parts of your mouth and a few sets of teeth tend to be hard to reach. While you may find it easier to brush the front of your teeth the back can be a different scenario all together. “Your rear teeth are designed with special ridges and grooves which help with chewing but the drawback of the rear teeth is that they can become a sticking point for small food particles” says Dr. Penner.  So it really goes without saying that those teeth are at a higher risk of bacteria, plaque and cavities which later leads to gum diseases.

Winnipeg’s top dentists suggests: with the aim of removing plaque and bacteria from your rear teeth it is imperative to take the time and floss those teeth which are hard to reach. If you find it hard to reach this area as it can be the case with people who have a smaller mouth using an electric flosser or a flosser is a good idea.

Winnipeg dental specialists at the All Smiles Dental Centre articulates that tooth decay is something which does not spring up overnight but begins to appear if plaque is allowed to build up over the years. The bacteria which collect will eventually break down the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities. If even at this point the progression of tooth decay is not stopped it will begin to affect the pulp of the tooth causing excruciating pain, swelling and eventually the loss of your teeth.

Professional Plaque Removal


 If you have just realized that the plaque on your teeth has become a hardened substance known as tartar, at this point that you should seek professional plaque removal by a qualified Winnipeg dentist, Dr. Meredith Penner. Dr. Penner recommends that patients who suffer from tartar build up should get scaling or even root planning with the intention of removing the buildup ASAP to avoid further damage.

Both root planing and scaling are two of the most common non-surgical techniques which help to prevent the need for more serious procedures such as periodontal surgery and root canal. While both scaling and root planing may sound painful they are in actual fact painless since the dentist will administer a local sedative to numb the affected area.

Scaling mainly means that your dentist will remove the plaque and tartar from every tooth in your mouth. Special emphasis will be laid on the teeth above and below your gum line since these tend to be the most susceptible to the buildup of plaque.

“Root Planing” is mainly a routine practice in which the Winnipeg dentist will remove bacteria and plaque by using special tools which also smooth the rough areas of the roots. The procedure like scaling is virtually painless and yields similar results to scaling but also smoothes out the surface of the gums so that it reattaches to the teeth.

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